SoundBuilder open_in_new
This was my final project for my "Image and Tech Tinkering" studio course that I finished in April 2020. It is a proof-of-concept for a social media site built to allow musicians to share their musical process and annotate their own work.
The Koppelkast open_in_new
This is the website I built for The Koppelkast, which was a high school school podcast run by one of the English Teachers. I produced the podcast for one year and co-hosted for the next year. The podcast was mostly centered around reconsidering the perspectives of young people.
Concept Website open_in_new
This is a version of my website that I began building but never brought to completion.
Climate Visualization open_in_new
This website was a project for my GD210 - Image and Tech Tinkering class. We collaborated with our teaching assistant on her graduate student project, which was about climate change communication. We were assigned to use three.js, a web-based 3D environment framework, to create visual aids for better understanding climate change. I worked with Sadie Tynch to create a visualization of sea level rise.
Old Custom RBNSN Website open_in_new
Here you can find an archive of the old version of my website, which was completely custom coded several years ago. The site looked really neat but was cumbersome to maintain.
Very Old Site open_in_new
This is just an extremely old version of my website that I coded